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Travel a Wealth of Education!

The words "travel" and "vacation" are often used interchangeably, but careful examination indicates subtle differences between the two. Vacation implies an escape, while travel may offer the opportunity for total immersion in a different culture. Two types of journeys occur during travel. The outer journey describes the physical experience of travel: where you went, what you saw and what you did. The inner journey defines your interpretation of the experience. It describes what you learned, and how it changed your perspective on life. As a parent I feel the greatest education and privilege I can give is travel, to explore, learn and be immersed in different countries. Summer of 2016 is a big adventure for us via Euro Rail 5 cities 8 days.  We will be packing light and fitting essentials into our carry on luggage and sturdy back pack.  To see our range of travel gear check out for our range of Travel Buddies, Travel Kool and Travel Snoozy blankets and pillows!  Luggage for little people with big adventures!